The Time & Space Machine Dub Sessions (12" Single)

By Jagwar Ma

Release Date: May 5th 2014
Format: 12" Single

Previously only available as a 5-track bonus disc when purchasing Howlin from Rough Trade Shops, The Time & Space Machine Dub Sessions are now available to buy on limited 12” vinyl or as a digital download bundle. Richard Norris (The Grid, Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve) gives five tracks from Jagwar Ma's debut album 'Howlin' the remix treatment on an exclusive EP. Singles 'Man I Need', 'The Throw' & 'Uncertainty' are among the songs treated to a krautrock-tinged dub reworking, guaranteed to get you nodding along in no time. Stick on your lazer machine and move! 

1. Man I Need Dub
2. Exercise - Exorcised
3. Did You Have To Float On?
4. Uncertainty Dub
5. The Throw - Livitational


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